Wednesday, November 16, 2016

RE: Good News!!!

Edgar Orlando Pimiento Pulido

Donated $2m to You, Email me on
Frank Fredriksson

A late client who shares the same LAST NAME with you died Intestate with an unclaimed asset. Reply for details


Edgar Orlando Pimiento Pulido

m donated to you, reply to;

Message From US ARMY Medical Team

Capt.Kate Carr


I know you will be surprised to read my email. Apart from being surprise you may be skeptical to reply me because based on what is happening on the internet world, one has to be very careful because a lot of scammers are out there to scam innocent citizens and this has made it very difficult for people to believe anything that comes through the internet. My name is Capt. Kate Carr Lee. I am a member of the US ARMY Medical Team deployed to Iraq because of the current ISIS problems. I discovered 2 trunk boxes containing American dollar. Am looking for a trust worthy individual who will assist me to receive the funds in his country before l will come over and join the person. To prove my sincerity, you are not sending me any money because most of these scams are all about sending money.

For reference click the link below

Information below is neccesary,

1. Full Name...
2. Address....
3. Occupation...
4. Age..........
5. Your Telephone Number.

As soon as i received these information i will send more details.

Best Regards

Capt. Kate Carr Lee
Caffery, Debra

Your check of $900.000.00 awaiting delivery contact:

Bank of America Unauthorized Account(s) Access (Secure Code: UB05-C0B1-A-1)

Bank of America

Dear Valued Member,

We noticed invalid login attempts into you account online from an unknown IP address .
Due to this, we have temporarily suspended your account.
We need you to update your account information for your online banking to be re-activated
please update your billing information today by clicking

here After a few clicks,

just verify the information you entered is correct.

BOA Member Services Team

P.S. The link in this message will be expire within 24 Hours . You have to update your payment information

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Western Union Money Transfer

You've won email: for claims

Invoice No.: 3271653512

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09 Nov 2016 SEQUENCE NO.

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Monthly | 09 Nov 2016
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ATM Payment Update

Mr.Hart Leroy

Dear Beneficiary,

My name is Mr. Hart Leroy and I work with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), I am writing you to let you know that finally your ATM Card worth $650,000.00 USD has been delivered through USPS to Mr. David Reetz, who works with the IMF where it is going to be activated before final delivery to your home address.

You can use the tracking number with the tracking site below to track the ATM Card to be sure it has been delivered to Mr. David, for activation.

USPS Tracking number: 9505514536676191001291
USPS tracking site:

Below is the contact information to Mr. David Reetz

Contact Name: Mr. David Reetz
Contact E-mail:
Contact Number: +1 (202)-670-9452

You are to contact Mr. David with his email address above then he will guide you on how your Card will be activated and delivered to your home address.

Please Fill Our The Following Information.
Full name: ……………….
Occupation: ……………
Home address: …………………
Tel: ………………………..
Country: ……………………..

Note: The only fee you are to send for the activation fee is just $250 USD so make sure you don’t send him more than $250 USD. Your card is already with him and you can track it with the tracking details given to you above for confirmation.

Congratulations once more.

Best Regards,
Mr.Hart Leroy
International Monetary Fund (IMF)


Russell, Gia

Been trying to reach you